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  • Candace Caddick

Here We GO!

About mid-day on Monday here in the UK it was time to choose whether you were going on the roller coaster ride or not.

(See Having finished my book about half an hour earlier I was ready and I could see myself sitting there with my book clutched in my hands. I don’t want others to think that my ticket for the ride was the same as theirs, as individuals we could board in an instant if we chose light and moving forward. I know I was consciously working towards something that others were working towards subconsciously.

People climbed onto the roller coaster carts and waited. By Wednesday morning I (in the form of my higher self) was seeing who was there and who was missing.  I could see friends and family members on board, and some who weren’t. I pointed the roller coaster out and asked people to join us and some did, especially when they could see their children holding on ready for the ride. In the end there were about 67% of the human population who had climbed on when it began to move. Once it began to move that was the end of late boarding. I looked at one man who had been trying to urge his wife onboard who wouldn’t come, later he was just looking forward with the light on his face.

At the top of the run all you can see is light waiting for us, but I got a glimpse of the ride. When we go we will go with joy and laughter, truth and love, and it will start off with a flying leap through the clouds. That means we still won’t have a direct view of what’s happening for a little while. It reminds me of a wild simulator ride I took with the kids in the Science Museum in South Kensington, where the cart left the track and flew through the air before landing on a scrap of track across a ravine. We’re ever so high now, and I think by tomorrow morning we will be off and away.

See you on the other side, when everything has changed

Next day – I can see the energetic breeze has begun again this morning. It will get stronger from now on.

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