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  • Candace Caddick

New Fire Elementals

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Photo courtesy of Peter Buschmann, United States Forest Service, USDA. Some additional editing by W.carter.

In our online Earth Magic Healing Circle we are directed to work inside of meditations to heal in certain areas.  The previous two sessions we have been focusing on the role of the huge fires burning around the world by being asked to meet the fire itself and/or the fire elementals.

Walking into the fire and looking at the world through its eyes I could feel its pleasure in its power and its reckless expansion, our group as a whole worked on balancing its energy and creating a paradise future. It’s important work to bring a positive outcome into existence. We could see the way the fire was burning off human darkness, transmuting it into light before it left the planet. There is a lot of sacrifice and loss of life of trees and animals in these big fires, but they were prepared to die to help humanity burn away what is no longer needed.

Two weeks later I was able to meet some fire elementals, including some new ones. Whenever the Earth has need of some help she creates the type of elemental that can do the job for her. The first elemental I met was a dragon on top of one of the Rocky Mountains. He explained that first he breaths fire on places the fire needs to go, then the fire follows there. First the energy, then the physical reality. We humans have a tendency to see fairies, giants, gnomes, etc. as versions of ourselves. Tiny, large, flying, swimming, they mostly tend to look like us. This is not how they really look.

I was introduced to two new elementals, one like a pancake with a head to dampen the ferocity of the fires, and one other. The second elemental was made of rainbow planes of vertical energy, not really making a box but had a box-type structure. The planes shimmered and drew me in and I couldn’t find my way out easily. I went around corners and slowed down searching for the exit, winding around, never in a straight line. It reminded me of the mirrored fun-houses at a fair. This elemental explained that it was created to start slowing the spread of the fire, that the fire would enter, wind-around and not find a straight path out, slowing its advance. There is a change coming for the fires but we’ll just have to wait and see how long it will take to finish burning up human dark energy.

Please feel free to come and join our group, the more there are of us the more we can accomplish.

©Candace Caddick


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