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  • Candace Caddick

Steps Towards Heating Yourself with Crystal Energy

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

By Candace

There are steps one can take to learn how to heat with crystal energy.  Recently, I have been working out how this skill can be relearned for humanity, since crystal heating was withdrawn before the end of Atlantis. The reasons for withdrawing it then are not present at the moment and it is safe for the planet and for us to be reminded again how to do it.

First, it is not the crystals themselves that are doing the heating. They are conduits for the Earth energy and amplify the energy as it passes through them underground. They are conscious beings and they are willing to do this for the Earth and for us.

Second, this energy is not for heating the air in your houses until it is warm, it is about heating YOU so that you are always warm wherever you are. In order to do this, you need to align your energy with the planet’s energy; in the beginning the effort involved made me feel tired.  I am an experienced channel and I am used to focussing and holding my vibration at a high level for periods of time so I can hear clearly. My channelling practice time has allowed me to do this for longer and longer periods, at higher and higher vibrations. I have been practicing this new skill of being warmed by crystals and would stay warm until I did something like sneeze, then I would be cold immediately.  I have been writing in an unheated garden office and leaving the heat off until I would suddenly feel cold.

When practicing being warm the force of the Earth would fill me and I would be full of energy, and that allowed me to have enough energy to the tips of my fingers and the end of my nose and be warm. It wasn’t heat at all, it was connection to the largest energy source available. Think about the elderly and how they have an extra sweater on, they are cold because they don’t have all the energy they need.

As I was practicing this, I kept thinking “How am I ever going to be able to pass how to do this on to others?” I am working out a practical way of creating a short cut, an enabler so that anyone can do this. The guides I work with are giving me a way of doing this for others. Meanwhile, there have been some other insights.

I asked a typical squirrel “Are you warm? Do you make all your own warmth?” It replied “You must be joking! It’s not possible for me to make all my own heat.” What they have is insulation in the form of fur. They are connected to the energy of the Earth and are not trying to go it alone. What we learn from animals is to wear enough layers to insulate ourselves so the heat doesn’t escape. Then I noticed how easy it was for cows to draw up energy twice as fast because they have four legs. The animals and birds, etc. are like little pegs plugged into the Earth, and we are not. We also need to be little pegs plugged into the Earth, and this is more than grounding during a meditation. We used to know how to live like this. The alternative is to keep doing what we are doing, digging up and taking bits of the Earth so we can burn it and be warm.

The big story is why we need to live connected to the Earth, but that’ll be the next blog. Meanwhile, just have a go by thinking about yourself, the crystals, the Earth and your close relationship with them and permit the energy to flow up your legs. It’s going to take some practice and may be as long as a week before you get the hang of it.

©Candace Caddick


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