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  • Candace Caddick

The Queen’s Casket of Light

People on the news this week have been saying “I have to be here,” as they watch the funeral procession or wait in line to pay their respects to the Queen in Westminster Hall. If you just look at the energy in the response of the Queen’s subjects to her death, it is huge. What are they responding to? This is where looking at the energy of the casket helps. In the funeral procession the casket itself gave off golden light reaching up into the sky, and the road behind was filled with the same golden light. It still holds that light as people file past in their thousands. The Queen held her people in her heart. I last saw this after Princess Diana’s funeral - the light from the coffin, even brighter, and the light cleaning the motorway as her body was driven north for burial in Northamptonshire. (I didn’t look at any funerals in between these, but none called forth the same response from the public.)

In their different ways these two women had demonstrated their love for others, and love is something no one can have too much of. People want to be in its presence.

©Candace Caddick


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