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  • Candace Caddick

The Tales of the Trees

A message from the Archangel Melchizadek

What is the involvement of the trees with the planet? Why are they here at all? What purpose do they serve? These three questions are tied together.

Trees are here to anchor plant life onto the planet. With their size they come first in the community of smaller plants, and they look up to them as the largest beings. It would not be right to imply they rule the others, but the smaller plants look to them for the deepest knowledge of what is going on. They in turn have a protective relationship with the smaller plants.  This is seen in the way new forests grow, but it is also how their extended communities function. They consciously work together as a unit.

Right now the trees have the roots that go deepest into the Earth, and these roots communicate with the planet and with each other. They bring to the surface and disseminate what is happening below ground. They are putting out the warning of earth upheaval, and climactic change. There’s a lot of discussion about keeping the Earth healthy among species you would never dream capable of having conversations. As they prepare to cope with change the information is spread and reinforced through other species, insects, animals, birds, and more. There’s an entire web of smaller lives counting on the trees for information drawn from the Earth.

How do you know what you know? You are also one of the smaller creatures here, and the information is zinging past your heads and surrounding you. Some of you are good listeners and can tell when something is said that goes against the truth. How did you know it was a lie? You are part of the life on the planet and have the ability to hear all that the other species hear. If you hadn’t been told it was impossible would you acknowledge to yourself that you know things, hear things and feel things that are supposed to be impossible?


Who in the end convinced me (Candace) that an earthquake was imminent? It was by sending my consciousness into the redwoods of California and sinking into their roots, and feeling the Earth squeezing them so hard through their tendrils that I finally got the message. The tension under California is wound as tightly as it can be. These giant redwoods are aware of the risk to themselves that an earthquake would bring but are content because they see the Earth as more important than themselves. They know that new trees will grow again. An earthquake is about the Earth, and about keeping her in balance. It’s not always about the life living on top.


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