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  • Candace Caddick

Visions of an ascended Earth on 11-11-11

By GUEST BLOGGER Heather Caddick

On the morning of 11.11.11, at 11.11 I saw a sort of door of light open at the far side of the universe and through it shone a golden-pink beam of light from outside the universe, from the Source itself.   When the beam of light fell on me I became light and joined all the other particles of light in that beam, all made of one and the same substance.  Then I flowed with the light back through that door in the universe and found myself outside of it in a place that was so much bigger than our universe I had left behind.  It was mostly white and filled with billions of golden lights like stars twinkling in the whiteness and each of those golden stars was a being.  I could hear joy coming from so many voices in laughter and singing.  Beyond the great complex layers of whiteness, the full extent of which I could not see or understand, I think were more universes all ballooning off like ours, as separate little spheres all attached to this great Source whiteness.

Then I was physically turned around and pushed face down back through the hole into our universe and I saw the Earth in front of me.  She was covered in an outer crust that was foreign to her and as I watched she shook violently and this outer layer cracked and broke off.  Underneath she was covered in what looked like red-black raw pounded meat which was horrible and also not her but was covering her under the outer crust.  Very gently this raw red layer was washed off her with handfuls of golden light.  This took time but when it was finished and the last piece of red flesh was washed away, she hung golden in space, newly formed of the golden-pink light of God, all still swirling with the continents and oceans not yet distinguished and formed.  Gradually she settled and her oceans and continents were reformed green and blue with golden-pink hues.  Then I saw what it was to be an ascended being – this was an image of the Earth in her ascended state to come, and to be ascended is to have all the wisdom of eons that you have collected but to have all the care washed away.  She and the other little planets in our solar system were then in an untouchable and safe part of our universe and they ran around and played together like little children.  They gambolled and played with so much laughter; all their happy innocence of childhood returned to now live permanently in a state of happy, playful bliss.  This is the height of wisdom; so wise and so experienced as to want to return to the happiest state of all – childhood innocence.  Now I understand why talking to a crystal (which is an ascended race) is like talking to a very happy, excited child.  They are wise, independent and self-assured yet everything in life to them is terribly exciting and exhilarating; the wisdom of the universe with the joy of childhood.


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