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  • Candace Caddick

Who is Comet Elenin?

Hanson-Roberts Moon Tarot Card

Written with the help of Elenin.

Last week I was walking up to my front door at night and I thought “Where is the nearest planet to Earth?” (Not the kind of thing I usually think!) I could feel I was standing inside the energy of the nearest planet; it was on top of me and all around me. The next day I read that it was the closest point of the comet Elenin’s approach to Earth. Who is Elenin?

Elenin is a cosmic rover, a free soul who flows between the stars and planets of your galaxy. When she moves out of your sight you lose track of her, but she continues on her journeys. In the beginning she was a planet like any other, part of the soul group that lives out their lives as homes for other species and hosts their games of self-discovery. She performed this role many times until there was nothing more she could learn herself by being a host. After some thought, she decided to play a supporting role to her sister planets. Think of her as an elder sister, who is wise, old and loving. Energetically she looks like a large being that carries before her a cocktail stick or toothpick with a tiny pea stuck on the end. The pea is her physical presence as the comet travelling in our galaxy. She is currently sitting across the orbits of the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Earth, and stops short of reaching Mars. Set a pea next to a melon and you get an idea of the small size of Earth in comparison to her. (The beginning section of Planet Earth Today is about the planetary soul group and their role in our universe. I will not be repeating that material in articles as it’s been written down already.)

Comets are able to travel from one solar system to another as they are not in fixed orbits. Elenin brings with her the news of the universe that she gathers as she visits her siblings, and brings love and comfort to those in fixed orbits. If you listen you can hear a deep and serious conversation taking place between them. It’s as if a visitor has arrived at the sickbed of an elderly aunt and taken her hand. “Hi, how are you? Tell me what’s been going on. Let me bring you the news of the family and outer universe.” Elenin’s visit to Earth looks to me like two flints striking together and producing sparks; Earth will feel her spirits pick up because of the love of her visitor, as would any sick human’s spirit become more cheerful with help and encouragement. (Our beautiful planet should look like a planet in the prime of life, not a sick, elderly aunt!)

Earth has held her form for us for a long time (we are not very fast learners), and is ready to stretch and change shape. Elenin’s message to her is to “hang on, it won’t be much longer.”* She will remain near Earth for another human year or so before moving on again.

*Human years and planet years are not the same. We don’t know how long humanity will be here.


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