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  • Candace Caddick

Why Woodhenge Days Are Special

by Candace

Woodhenge has the ability to remove veils with which we cloak ourselves, and my workshops are set up to remove the veil of isolation – the one that hides us from our higher self. The site itself does it, and my role is to get everyone through the higher dimensional doorway so they are in the right space to benefit from the energy. Five of us visited Woodhenge on the 6th of September.

When I run workshops in public spaces I always put up an energy barrier so we can work privately. This time there must have been four other tour groups walking around Woodhenge for about 15 minutes each. They sounded so muffled I could barely hear them, and they were never in the rings when our groups was using them. These people were being told about what they guess about the site’s use. I like having the Archangel Michael explain it all to us so we don’t have to guess, and I appreciate the angels help with the weather on these days as well as making sure we have the space free for our healing.

One participant who attended wanted to be able to hear his guides speak, by the next morning (following his Reiki self-treatment) he could hear them. I had more barriers removed while in there, the one limiting my understanding of my oneness with the universe. Because I’ve been fortunate enough to visit three times this summer, researching the workshop and then running two, the universe keeps finding more adjustments to do on me.

Because I think this is a brilliant workshop I am going to run it again on Saturday Oct 11th. As soon as I was home last Saturday, the Archangel Michael told me he’s worked out a Day Two for people who’ve done day one, so I’ll be channelling that one through soon.

©Candace Caddick


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