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Follow-up on Crystal Heating

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Before Christmas I was writing about drawing up Earth energy into my body through large crystals under the ground, and using it to stay warm. I use this technique in my unheated garden office where I do my writing, and the temperature inside of it during the winter was below 9 c. Beginning in December it rained and rained for months, and if I hadn’t turned on my heat everything in the office would have been damp.  I brought up Earth energy through my legs anyway to keep me warm, and used background heating to keep the dampness out of the office.

My original plan was to get a few people together and have a go at heating the office itself. I could  see that it would work for heating a whole room or house, but because I had some heat running in the background I didn’t know if it would be a useful experiment.

This winter I have been blending with the Earth and adjusting to having her energy of light inside my body, just as with Reiki (as I wrote last week) the more you fill with light the harder it is to be deceived.  I now feel like I am part of her surface, instead of separate and more connected to the other lives here. If I feel tired I only need to draw more energy into my body to feel recharged, and becoming closer to the Earth and the life on her surface gives me less tolerance for the damage we do as a species. If you would also like to become closer to all life on the planet, Earth energy is a good place to begin. (How I do this is in the earlier articles.) It’s returning to the way we all once lived with the Earth, and the way other species still do now. My angelic guides have given me an attunement to help others if they find it hard to begin.

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