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Goodbye to The Archangel of Darkness

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Planet Earth Today

By Candace Caddick

When I wrote my first book Planet Earth Today in 2009 there was a chapter by Melchior, the Archangel of Darkness. His chapter was very straightforward, explaining his role in a universe of polarity as team leader for the legions of demons; and his role on Earth was to push humanity into despair, to ensure we failed to reach our goal of ascension. This first book brought a number of emails from light workers who had run up against these dark forces and were relieved to see some real information about them in print. They knew what I was writing about! I’d had a lot of run-ins with his minions myself, and after each one I was stronger and better informed about the dark side.

In the beginning of the universe there were angels, born from the Creator’s heart. Half of them agreed to promote light, which is the nature of all angels, and the other half took on the job of promoting darkness. Even though these dark angels were so awful and dangerous, it was simply the job they had volunteered for, and not their true natures. They always did their best to induce hatred, misery and despair. Until last week.

The Archangel Melchizadek said to me, “Melchior’s here to speak to you.” – words you never really want to hear. Then Melchior said he was leaving the Earth, with all his team and just wanted to say goodbye. There are pockets in the universe where he will still be active, but he doesn’t need to be on Earth anymore. He is preparing his return to Source, or the end of this universe.  Since that day there has been no trace of his energy on Earth, although there is enough evil in men to disguise this.

Move forward to Monday night’s Earth Magic Healing Circle where one member said “I saw something black the size of a walnut in people’s brains that needs to come out.” I had to follow this up out of curiosity. This deeply imbedded blackness was the connection to the dark energy of Melchior, and when he left it was like he turned off a light switch. It should shrivel away in those people on the planet who had accepted the connection. This is how the energy that feeds and drives forward the agenda of darkness was supplied. People are going to have to provide their own energy for these schemes now. Some people will simply stop moving, but other times it looks like a swarm of bees or ants when the queen is killed, headless and leaderless.

These black connections allowed the heart to be caged, and the brain to rule heartlessly. As they shrivel there should be great changes. We have a right to be treated with love.

We’ve reached a significant end point. Archangel Melchior’s absence is a deliberate response to the human soul’s plans to bring our time here to an end in light, not darkness. The covid-19 virus, the lockdown and the difficult new way of living are the first steps in a serious plan for human ascension. He pushed us until he didn’t need to anymore.

When I wrote a couple of months ago that the virus brings the lockdown, lockdown brings change, I never thought of this as a possibility.

Planet Earth Today is available from  Amazon or myself.

©Candace Caddick


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