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Sacred Sites of England Tours

In May 2019 I was the tour guide for two tours around the ancient stone circles and high energy sites of southern England on behalf of my Reiki Master Phyllis Furumoto, in special tours for Reiki Masters coming to the UK for a conference. I already run several one day workshops at Stonehenge, Woodhenge, Glastonbury and Avebury and have written books containing information about these sites.

These ancient sites are waiting to be used for healing again as they were in the distant past, and they all work differently on the body or spirit. Woodhenge works best with groups to build the energy, then allows each person the space to find their own healing through meditation in the centre. The centre is an unearthly place, a rare space to step off the earth and into the universe for healing. Workshops held here can have the most life-changing results of all. In an ideal world there would be buses arriving all day long bringing groups to use this special place.

We had tickets for the centre of Stonehenge for 6.45 a.m. and being there is always a stunning experience. Some people saw energy curtains between the standing stones, behind which there appeared to be other dimensions. Others walked around feeling the ebbs and flows of energy and  the way the flows were altered depending on whether it was a sarcen stone or a blue stone from Wales. The two types of stones bring balance to Stonehenge’s energy. There was so much energy in the centre blowing through our energy fields that people can feel lighter when leaving with more space in their being.

Glastonbury Tor required some attention. In 2008 a couple of us journeyed  down and broke the first part of the great seal of time held beneath the Tor and I found that during the first tour it was time to dissolve the second part of it. The seal had prevented the light of an enormous crystal mountain from accessing the planet’s surface and it was time now for the seal to go. When I came back a few days later there were rainbow ribbons of light rising from the Tor along with rainbow bubbles with what looked like machinery inside them. Rainbow bubbles are  part of the Dr. Usui Reiki story and It was interesting to see these. Later I saw one of these over Salisbury and it was as big as the town. (Archangel Michael informs me now it was code, not machinery.) The energy when sitting on top of the Tor is lovely now.

Next door to the Tor is the Chalice Well garden, the female counterpart to the masculine Tor. This is a place for healing the heart in a garden kept by fairies and other elementals. The well water spring never runs dry and it holds the heart energy of the Earth. For those who can see fairies they are sitting on every branch and even in the well itself! They colour the flowers in the borders and you are left feeling that the whole world should be like this garden, not just this one place.

Avebury stone circle is made for individual healing. One stone helpfully said “We assess your needs and provide the vibration you require.” We stood in our closing circle at the site where the ascension stone once stood and we heard about that particular energy. “When you vibrate at this rate of love you will have reached ascension. Your body will hold the energy of love and your journey is finished.” We stood there and sent Reiki to each other in the circle and it felt like love. My daily Reiki self-treatment feels like the energy held by this stone. Visiting Avebury on the morning of 12.12.12 I watched the Earth’s energy squeeze through Avebury and rise into its new body; it probably used this stone for its rebirth.

The tours were three nights and four days for Reiki people or healers. There was plenty of time for oneself to explore the energy at each location. I can’t wait to do it all again! A second plan was hatched to buy out all the Stonehenge tickets for a late evening sacred ceremony next year, as Stonehenge can be so much more than something to simply visit. When I have more information on the 2020 tours I will include them in a newsletter to my mailing list.  

©Candace Caddick

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